Google announced today that is has added a new connector for Google Data Studio to pull in Google Search Console data. This is greatly helpful for smaller publishers like me who rely heavily on organic search to drive qualified traffic and others that want to compare their organic and paid search efforts.

In this post, I will share an organic search dashboard in Google Data Studio I created by pulling in data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Website Summary

The top section of the dashboard will provide a summary of key metrics related to driving organic search volume. Sessions data is from Google Analytics filtered by organic and the rest of the metrics are directly from Google Search Console.

Google Data Studio Summary

Trending Sessions and Countries

The next section details out the organic sessions broken out over the last 30 days and a visualization broken out by country.

google data studio countries sessions

Top Landing Pages

This table details out the top landing pages driving traffic to my site broken out by impressions and CTR. Note: I’ve removed the pagination from this table and the next one, but you can easily add that in by creating a copy of this report.

google data studio landing pages

Top performing keywords

This table details out how my top keyword phrases are driving traffic to my site broken out by impressions and CTR.

google data studio top keywords

Creating this report with your data

Interested in creating a report like this with your own data? Go to this report and click on File > Make a Copy. Update the data sources with your own and you’re good to go!

I hope this dashboard helps you with your search marketing efforts and I hope you have fun staring at my groundbreaking search data 😉

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